Who is Brock Merck? Be ready March 17, 2020 Illinois Senate 8th District
                              Who is Brock Merck?            Be ready March 17, 2020 Illinois Senate      8th District

The 8th Senate District includes:       Forest Glen North Park West Ridge of Chicago, and the nearby suburbs of Park Ridge Mrtn Grove Niles LKNwood and Skokie.

Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both.--Ervin Rommel                                Use your brain and vote for a candidate that is against such programs as $30M in state taxes to secure religious site funding.

Ram Villivalam has positions on baby changing stations, not informing juries of background status information for civil cases, not requiring English comprehension for Cosmetology exam, spending $100,000 on an internet portal, and on and on. Each isssue further declines the state and drives more productive citizens out of Illinois.

What is your position on the ability of  a person to purchase a car and license plates without a drivers license or proof of insurance?

Searching for the right word....is a candidate bought off, influenced, or indebted when accepting campaign contributions from PAC's in obscene amounts? Look up Ram's Illinois State Board of Election-campaign disclosure and realize why our state is in shambles and citizens are moving away.          

Paid for by Brock (not a committee to rob and plunder).

Please read the House Bills that Ram Villivalam has sponsored. If you like the direction that the State of Illinois has taken, vote for him. If you are disgusted, not satisfied, or eager for a change in direction for the State of Illinois vote for Brock Merck.

What is your position on admitting a person into medical school? Should it be highest scores get in? If it isn't, is that moral?

What is your position on supporting government debt funding by having privite citizens buy municipal bonds at a clerks office at a lower interest rate then what government is paying to service the debt through finincial corporations? ie. Stop making banks rich.


Every elected office must hold at least 2 debates before an election that are easily available to everyone via internet. Don't allow elected officials to be scuttled from event to event without a faceoff with their opponents for the community to bear full witness. Issues need to be discussed from all approaches, because it's obvious with recent legislation that the counterpoints are not being addressed.

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